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Honda - 125E ("RE" Licence)

For a full list of LAMS Approved Motorbikes please see the link: LAMS Scheme List

Like all motorcycles in the Honda range, the CB125E is strong and dependable, with easy handling, making it perfect for first-time riders! The combination of style and practicality ensures the CB125E will be a fun and satisfying ride! Perfect for Learner Riders, the CB125E is LAMS Approved, which makes it a great bike to learn on!



Suzuki - GS500 ("RE" Licence)


Even at a standstill this bike's classic gilt-edged styling is impossible to miss!

Short one-piece handle bars and sculptured fuel-tank provide a compelling urge to hop on board.

Comfort wise, a smooth seat allows the rider to shift riding position when cornering.

Powered by a light-weight reliable 487cc parallel twin engine, this model is perfect for the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS).


Yamaha – XV250 (“RE” LICENCE)


This bike is a combination of ease-to-ride and handling—great for assessment!






This bike offers features that make it easy for beginning riders to get started – a low seat height, grips that reach back to you and a 600cc engine. Add a beautiful diamond-steel frame and a sleek fairing – it’s the ultimate sportbike for training & assessment.




The Honda CBF250 is a lightweight bike intended city driving. Its small size, excellent handling and relatively small engine make it an ideal first bike.




Yamaha - FZ600 ("R" Licence)

This sport bike with a 600cc engine makes for a great starter bike for your “R” Licence. Comfortable and easy to ride for your assessment..



Yamaha - FZ8N ("R" Licence)

The FZ8 is a machine with aggressive design that gives onlookers a hint of this bike performance capabilities.

Sitting between entry level and the higher cc bikes, the FZ8 is a pure expression of quality craftsmanship, designed for riders who appreciate an optimum blend of power, weight & size.

This bike is a combination of ease-to-ride and handling—great for assessment!



Kawasaki - Z1000 ("R" Licence)

For our Clients looking to get onto an even higher cc bike, we have the Z100 available—with ease of handling and all the characteristics of a great sports bike.


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