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QRIDE 2 Day "Pre-Learner"



QRIDE 2 Day "Pre-Learner" (12 hours 15 minutes) "REL"


Day 1 - 8.00am - 2.15pm

Day 2 - 8.00am - 2.00pm


The QRIDE "Pre-Learner" course is a training & assessment program designed to help Learner Licence applicants gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before riding on the road.  The objectives of the course are to ensure Leaner riders have the knowledge and skills to manage, under supervision, the routine riding situations you will encounter whilst learning to ride; to instill appropriate riding attitudes and a safety mindset; and to minimise the likelihood of harm due to inadequate riding knowledge or skills.

To be eligible you must have held a Provisional or Open Licence of another class for at least 1 year within the past 5 years.  CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY WITH OUR LINK:  :

The course adopts a blended approach to learning, including theory based teaching, demonstrations, coaching and practise through doing - presented in a logical and progressive manner.

There is a waiting period of three months and 1 day before you can then complete the training & assessment for your "RE" Motorbike Licence.  The waiting period begins from the date you lodge your "REL" Competency Certificate at QUEENSLAND TRANSPORT, not necessarily the date you completed your "REL" assessment and gained "Competency" with us.

During the waiting period, it is recommended that you gain as much on-road experience as possible (you MUST be accompanied during this time by a Supervisor who has held their  OPEN Class Motorbike Licence for at least 12 months).

After the waiting period has expired, you may enrol in a course to complete your "RE" Motorbike Licence.  It is usual that if you have gained experience during the waiting period (or already have experience), you will only need to complete the 1 Day "RE" Motorbike Licence assessment day.  If you do not have any riding experience, then you may need to complete our 2 Day "RE" Motorbike Licence course, day 1 of which is further training (including on-road).


We meet at our Training & Assessment area which is a large, safe, separately enclosed space in relaxed surroundings.  

What You Will Need

Provisional or Open Licence of another class for at least 1 year within the past 5 years
Pants covering full length of the leg
Fully enclosed shoes (preferably with ankle protection)

We Will Supply

Helmet which meets Australian Standards 1698 (including eye protection)

Jacket made from protective material designed to minimise abrasions

Fully enclosed gloves Training bike (N.B. Insurance included - no excess on damage to bike)

Forms to be Completed Prior to Training & Assessment

See our Pre-Study for a head-start on the small theory component  (eg Hazards, Safe Following Distance, Reaction & Braking Distance)



For more information on BikeSafe Licence College Policies & Procedures, please see our "Code of Practice"

Please see our Course Calendar for "Course Dates"

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