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QRIDE 1 Day "RE"


QRIDE 1 Day "RE"  (Advanced Riders) - "LAMS" Approved ONLY


See our Link for the LAMS Scheme List of Motorbikes 


To complete the 1 Day QRIDE "RE" Assessment - as a rough guide - you will have had a fair amount of riding experience within the last 5 years and / or be a confident rider.

OTHERWISE you will need to complete the QRIDE 2 Day "RE" Training & Assessment;

OR our QRIDE Novice 3 Day Package;


(NB To be eligible you must have held a Provisional or Open Licence of another class for at least 1 year within the past 5 years).  CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY WITH OUR LINK: 

Course Time (7 hours 30 minutes) 7.00am - 2.30pm

We meet at our Training & Assessment area which is a large, safe, separately enclosed space in relaxed surroundings. Spend the morning moving through each of the Competency exercises, have some lunch, and then enjoy an "on-road" run combining both suburban & country roads.

During your QRIDE 1 Day course your Trainer will demonstrate each of the requirements to complete Competency.  You will then practise these a few times before being assessed.   (N.B.  The 1 Day QRIDE “RE” is essentially assessment [with a few practice runs of each exercise], and for those who are confident riders; so - if you feel you need to practise the exercises more fully to feel confident and achieve “Competency” , then you will need to choose the 2 Day QRIDE – the first day of which is practice / training.) 


What You Will Need

  • RE Learner's Licence "REL" - You MUST have your Learner's Licence endorsed on your Driver's Licence (or a print-out) prior to your assessment (if obtained before 1 October 2016 there is no waiting period prior to your assessment); if you obtained your "REL" after 1 October 2016, there is a 3 month and 1 day waiting period prior to assessment Learner's Licence Practice Questions
  • Pants covering full length of the leg
  • Fully enclosed shoes (preferably with ankle protection)

We will supply

  • Helmet which meets Australian Standards 1698 (including eye protection)
  • Jacket made from protective material designed to minimise abrasions
  • Fully enclosed gloves
  • Training bike (N.B. Insurance included - no excess on damage to bike)

Forms to be Completed prior to Assessment Day

See our Pre-Study for a head-start on the small theory component  (eg Hazards, Safe Following Distance, Reaction & Braking Distance)



For more information on BikeSafe Licence College Policies & Procedures, please see our "Code of Practice"

Please see our Course Calendar for "Course Dates"

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