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Six Steps to QRIDE

1. Have the Correct Licence

To participate in QRIDE training & assessment, you must have the correct Licence - you must hold a:

Queensland Class Motorbike Learner Licence "REL" (if obtained before 1 October 2016) to complete your Queensland "RE" QRIDE course

If you don't already hold a Motorbike Learner Licence "REL" (before 1 October 2016) you will need to undertake a 2 day mandatory course with us ("Pre-Learner").

OR Queensland Class "RE" Licence for at least twelve months and 1 day (if obtained before 1 October 2016) OR 2 years and 1 day (if obtained on or after 1 October 2016) to complete your Queensland Class "R" QRIDE course. 

2. Choose which of our courses is suitable for you

See our Link here for the LAMS Approved Motorbike Scheme List

3. Enrol - Complete the necessary forms to enrol in your QRIDE course


4. Assessment

QRIDE training & assessment consists of a number of Competency Standards which your Trainer will demonstrate and complete with you.  You will then practise these before being assessed (to view these Competencies in the "Consistent Assessment Process" see our "Code of Practice").  

5. Certificate

When you have demonstrated you are competent in all of the QRIDE competencies, we will issue you with a Competency Declaration (QRIDE Certificate) – this is NOT a Licence.

6. Getting your Licence

Before you can ride with your new Motorbike Licence ("REL", "RE" or "R"), you must present your current Driver's Licence and QRIDE Competency Certificate to the Department of Transport & Main Roads service centre (within 12 months) for Licence issue.


Please see our Course Calendar for "Course Dates"

For bookings please call our service-oriented and motivated office ANY TIME on

0403 480 407

You can email us directly at:



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